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Jen Bliton is a fantasy author of The Light in the Shadows Series. Her debut novel, The Shadows of Wren, is now available!

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The Shadows of the Kingdom

June 25, 2024

Embrace the shadows or choose a path of light.

After defeating the evil behind the attacks on the southern lands of Caldumn, Wren and Tyran settle into their new life that begs to be calm… or so they thought.

Amid questions surrounding the Red Kingdom’s threat and the aftermath of Rhonin’s advance, Wren and Tyran receive an ominous letter from a mysterious magic kind that has remained hidden, warning of the Red Kingdom’s motives.

Left with the threat that won’t just be to the towns, but their world as they know it, Wren and Tyran begin the journey to stop the Red Kingdom at all costs. Faced with conflicting beliefs about what they should do, their relationship is tested in more ways than they can imagine.

The Shadows of the Kingdom is book two in a young adult fantasy trilogy, drawing you deeper into this world of high stakes quests, dark shadow magic, and struggles to keep a relationship whole when two minds are at odds at what’s right. This series is perfect for fans who love the cozy dark fantasy vibes Sorcery of Thorns but also love the epic fantasy vibes of The Witcher.


The Shadows of Wren

August 30, 2023

After decades of peace within the lands of Caldumn ruled by the Red Kingdom, the southern towns have come under attack. Their libraries burned and ancient texts stolen by an ominous force. 


An unlikely alliance between two magic kinds is formed when Wren, a nineteen-year-old Mage, finds herself in the middle of a conflict that will take her outside of the peaceful life she’s known. Along her journey, she meets Tyran, whose Necromancer magic is not widely trusted, and learns they share a deeper ancient magic that has long since disappeared.


Together with the help of all magic kinds, they must unite the towns to save their lands, and themselves, while the threat of the Red Kingdom looms.

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Jennifer lives in Southern California with her husband, tiny human, and five cats.

Coming from a background in Content Creation, she and her husband livestream gaming content on Twitch and gaming content on YouTube, where you can find her playing World of Warcraft, and Diablo IV. She loves being out in her garden and tries her best to grow various fruits and veggies throughout the year among any flowers, bulbs, or roots she can get her hands on. 

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"Bliton’s painstakingly intricate world-building is imbued with surprising emotion, and the detail is engaging, inviting readers to revel in this world’s magic, tensions, relationships, and fearsome beasts without slowing narrative momentum. She also builds to some spectacular plot twists that will keep readers on their toes." 

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